Breasts care

From the aesthetic point of view, the women provide adequate care to the bust. But while the current campaigns generate greater awareness, there are patients who do not know or do not perform self-examination, and other over forty years have never had a mammogram. Plastic surgeons, gynecologists and other health professionals should remind women that not only the aesthetics of your breasts is important, but health.

The breast skin care requires the same as other parts of the body besides the breast skin is subjected to voltage changes more than other areas, as these are modified by hormonal stimuli, change their size under circumstances such as menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, menopause and weight gain.

There is no certain age, some women have after 20 years and this laxity, others may reach beyond the 50 breasts with skin tight and harmonious. Laxity carries a genetic factor, and is exacerbated with changes that lead to increased volume, then a reduction, such as breastfeeding and weight loss, but its degree depends on each patient.

Categorically be discouraged breast surgery in patients younger than 18 years, except that even in younger patients, when the breast is not fully developed, it is a reconstructive surgery for a genetic factor that must be seen as such, but who asks a girl as a gift of 15 because it is fashionable, I think is a mistake, furthermore, if the health of the patient contraindicates any type of intervention.

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