Breasts health Care Tips

The chest is one of the great attractions of the female body. If you get a firm and sexy breasts, a list that you cannot pass. Physical exercise, hydration and diet are keys to reaching your goal.

Physical exercise

To avoid the natural relaxation of the chest must be strengthened and dorsal pectoral muscles, which help her bra with specific exercises. Swimming is the ideal sport and, above all, the front crawl and back. Avoid dangerous sports, jumping (aerobics, running, step, etc) if you take a good grip.


Forget fad diets harmful to your health, and seeks to follow a healthy, varied and balanced. We recommend extra intake of fruit, vegetables and fiber. In addition, drinking two liters of water every day prevents stretch marks by means of hydrating your skin.

Constant hydration

It is recommended to apply a nourishing cream along the chest, the neck and shoulders, at least two times per day and preferably after bathing. Spread the cream accompanied by a massage with extreme softness. Some vegetable oils (borage, wheat germ, evening primrose ...) have protective effects, revitalizing and wrinkles. Once a week, before the bath is no more nutritious apply a mask to nourish the skin.

Bathrooms with cold water

Although shivering is very beneficial, cold water given in that area is beneficial too. A massage with an ice cube will revitalize your skin. But if you apply hot water, promote the relaxation of tissues.

A bra that fits you

It is one of the best friends of women, and each moment or activity will require a different bra. Above all, the important thing is that the bra is the right size, no rings if possible, comfortable and breathable. It is recommended as cotton fabric and is elastic.

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