Fight the flab on breasts

Few women have a perfect chest at thirty-five years. The explanation is clear. With age, reduces the elasticity of the skin and mammary gland is no longer maintained against the pectoral muscle, but is carried by its own weight. Tends to fall forward and then to slide into the belly or armpits due to weight changes, hormonal or different pressures, in its own way, and especially the genetic disposition.

The sagging is related to the shape of the breasts. Those who are apple-shaped are less likely to fall to be widely deployed on the chest. The pyriform sinuses (pear shaped) show before decay. The solution is prevention. At the first signs you should use a special cream by massaging and rotating upwards. Once or twice a week should make a soft scrub the area with an exfoliating cream for the body to remove dead skin cells, boost circulation and seek a better product penetration.

The application of cold water showers, with an anatomically designed device that fits the breast and plugs directly into the faucet, shower or manual, in a circular motion around the nipple in the same sense as massage, from the inside outside, give tone to the tissues, activates circulation and have a circular massage to improve skin and avoiding premature loosening.

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