How to strengthen the bust?

The real women, safe and confident in ourselves, we know that as we accept, are attractive. If you agree congratulations! because surely not improve your physique for fashion, but by taking care of your health, be more comfortable and look beautiful.

In this case you should pamper your full bust, just think is yours, feel proud of him and share it. All you need is a maximum weight of 2.5 kilos and a bench (or floor). If you wish, you can purchase the plastic heart so popular spring and add to these exercises several repetitions in order to get better results.

1. Strengthen it

This exercise is ideal to round shape. Sit in a chair, put your back straight and contract the abdomen and the buttocks. Bend your arms against your chest and clench their fists. Make circles with your arms very fast, about 100 revolutions per minute, for about three minutes.

2. Move it

Lean over a bench, charging a knee forms a right angle. On the side of the bent leg, place your hand on the bench. Take the weight with the other arm, bend the elbow and turn the palms forward. Lift the weight slowly back and to the level of your breast, keep ten seconds and slowly lower it. Do ten repetitions on each side.

3. Increase it

With exercises cannot increase breast volume, but the muscle that supports it. Bend your arms at your chest and stretch them. Do two sets of ten repetitions.

4. Strengthen them

  1. Lean over the bench, knees together and contract the abdomen. Take the dumbbells, raises her arms ahead of you and with your elbows slightly bent, forming a circle.
  2. Inhale and slowly lower your arms to the level of your chest. Exhale and go to the starting position. Do three sets of fifteen repetitions, resting between each.

With a little effort and continuity, soon you will notice wonderful results, a great bust.

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