How it works

The woman's hormones begin to manifest themselves and affect the development of women from childhood and pass the stages of puberty, pregnancy, adulthood and menopause.

The woman's hormones begin to affect the development of the body significantly. Among the most notable changes during the period of adolescence is breast growth.

The most important female hormones produced by the ovaries and are estrogen and progesterone. The ovaries also are responsible for the production of a small amount of male hormone known as testosterone.

At puberty, estrogen allows the development of breasts and facilitates the development of other processes of the transition from adolescence to adulthood. It also affects the growth distribution and the process of body fat in women. Testosterone helps in muscle development and growth and bone strength.

When a woman reaches an age between 22 or 25 years, this process stops, and from then gravity plays an important role causing the bust is going to fall over the years.

The herbs included in the formula of Breast Actives contain phyto-estrogens that stimulate the body naturally to restore growth of the breasts. This means that through a new stimulus hormone revives Breast Actives breast development.

Breast Actives