Preventing Breast limp and fallen

  • Massage with a horsehair brush activate the circulation and exfoliate the skin, making it responsive to treatment.
  • Always take care of the skin of the chest and neck, if only with moisturizers, since it is the only subject with which account.
  • No need to use perfume or cologne in the area.
  • The cold water showers, bottom-up and in a circular motion helps keep the breast firm and smooth.
  • Spend some ice cubes around the breasts is a great tonic.
  • Apply moisturizer after shower or bath.
  • Do not apply creams or other products in the areola of the nipple.
  • Avoid hot baths as they soften the tissues.
  • A comfortable bra and anatomical design is essential in sports that cause sudden swings in the chest.
  • Do not go braless if not absolutely essential.
  • The sea bathing breasts entrench strengthening their muscles.
  • Sunbathing topless and age can quickly dry the thin overlying skin. Protect the breast with high sun protection cream and moisturize after showering thoroughly letting the cream is absorbed by itself.
  • We make intensive care in the breast between 30 and 50. It's from the 30 that started the evolution of the breasts into menopause. Gymnastics, cold showers and a healthy and balanced diet will help in its maintenance.
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