Small Volume Breast care

The genetic type of woman with breast bit corresponds to hypoestrogenism, which is characterized by having a few curves. Apart from this conditioning can have children or simply thin chest.

In the first case no breast development has accompanied the body and often has menstrual derangements. The second is the consequence of an endocrine disorder or weight loss. Both should see a doctor to put the proper treatment.

When the source is constitutional, only plastic surgery can fix it. The operation involves implanting prosthesis between the pectoral muscle and mammary gland.

The little evolution of the breast may also occur as a result of a hormonal deficiency, poor development of the connective tissue surrounding the gland (not getting the nutrition and stimulation needed), by illness or improper diet.

Having small breasts is not a calamity. You can develop something more suitable, shower daily with warm water for a few moments and then with cold water so you can activate circulation. The small chest remains erect more years a large chest.

This kind of breasts is very dangerous to them the "starvation diet". You have to know that fat does not disappears in the place we would like, so a diet of this type (without vitamins, minerals and trace elements) can be left hanging and sagging breasts.

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