Taking care of Breasts during pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy, the mammary gland is preparing to breastfeed.

The breasts reach their full development to breastfeeding, to regain their normal volume past weaning. Variations of measurement as well as changes that occur within it, affect greater or lesser degree in its external appearance. Fatty tissues, which have declined to allow more space to the mammary glands are not fully reconstructed and the chest is smaller, less firmly and sometimes with a groove.

In the belief that the fact breastfeeding is responsible for the fall and sagging of the breast, there are theories that say otherwise. According to them, not only is not bad but it is beneficial, since it prevents the breakdown of elastic fibers with brutal variation of volume that involves cutting the rise in milk after birth. The breasts, which are physiologically constituted to perform this function, will return gradually to their normal way.

During this period, to prevent a possible fall of the breast and the appearance of stretch marks, we must carefully maintain them. Keep in mind that hereditary predisposition is a determining factor in the decline of the breast when pregnancy period has passed; you have to wear a bra specifically adapted to the progressive increase in volume. Gentle exercises and firming creams applied to the outline of the breast will prevent sagging.

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